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Kis-My-Ft2 Good Live Tour いくぜ!2013.05.04 13:00

So I went to the concert and instead of spamming twitter I thought I could write down all the important stuff here instead. Also this is all what I think I remember, I could be wrong, so if I am, please don't kill me lol.

It all started with them coming out from on top of the ramps built in the back of the main stage, wearing colors that were not connected to member colors whatsoever, but it all made sense when they got down onto the actual stage and lined up.
They wore their initial letters on their backs, and the colors made an accurate rainbow when lined up in the correct order ♪

Kis-My-Calling!! started off and it was just glorious, to be honest. Fujigaya sang "Yasashii Kitayama Hiromitsu", to which Kitayama stumbled on "You koso sutekisa Fujigaya FujigayaTaisuke!". When it ended they had come to the circular part of the stage in the middle of the arena, and they went straight onto Everybody Go, where they (if I'm not mistaken) skated around the arena. They went back to the middle part again, where SMY2 hurried to change from skates to shoes while KiFT finished off the song. When changes were all done they went onto WANNA BEEEE!!!, Nika did a one-hand backflip in the start and they danced it all the way through. At the "I wanna be free" Fujigaya was lifted up by all of them. It finished, the middle stage rose up a bit, and they started on Ai no beat (dance version). Fantastic. NAKED DANCE.

Next was Shake It Up, where they walked around the arena, staying still on fixed places for some of the dance parts. At the "takanaru my heart" part Tama and Miyata walked up to each other, sang like, really close to each other (it looked a bit like what Nakamaru and Koki did at the end of performing ONE ON ONE in the NMP dvd lol, only... closer), and at the end Miyata tried to hug him but failed. As expected.
Then it was We never give up, and to be honest I don't remember any specific details from that. Smile, however, started out with only Fujigaya and Kitayama singing, the others going backstage to change. They then switched, so SMYT2 sang while KiF changed, and they ended it all together. It was so pretty.

For "2nd" Overture they did a super cool thing with moving screens (placed on robot "arms", so they can spin and move in any direction). There were 6 screens, so everyone but Fujigaya laid down on one, and he went to the front of the main stage, "unlocked" a door, and the music started. He stayed in front while the others moved on those moving screens , were turned upside down etc. Probably the coolest part of the whole show. Towards the end they were turned upright again, and got off of the screens. Down onto the stage, took off the covering black coats they had on, and revealed the black and white outfits they had had under. Really great outfits, by the way. Fujigaya and Kitayama (and Tama? Don't remember), had some light pink/purple fluff as well but tbh it kind of ruined the rest of what they were wearing, haha. And of course, followed by the into, was Black&White, which I absolutely loved. All the fans sang along at the "B B B Black and white" and the last "OK" parts. ♪

Then some accent dancing, towards the end Fujigaya disappeared. The intro to Love meee started, mixed with Think U x. (as well as footage from dvd performances of them), and then xLunaSx showed up written on the screens. Fujigaya wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath, and on the back of the jacket there were roses and a white skirt attached to it. Well not a skirt but you know what I mean. He finished the song off with throwing a kiss at the audience.

Fujigaya disappeared, and instead Tama showed up above the main stage, in front of two slanted mirrors. He was wearing a sleeveless bright colored outfit, and stood there looking at himself, touching the mirrors as well, while a longer, quite discreet intro to Forza! was played. While he sang his parts SMY2 appeared, then went on to take their solo parts. I'm actually pretty sure they sang it live, but well, I wouldn't bet my life on it, knowing Johnny's haha. At the last chorus there was an explosion of white and red flowers in front of Tama, and he appeared with a black/red/white flowery jacket when the flowers had fallen to the floor of the stage.

Then Fujigaya and Kitayama came out from the sides, bringing juniors with them, stopped midway in the arena, on each side of it, and started dancing with the juniors. Yasui and Hagiya was with Kitayama, Fujigaya had Juri and Masuda with him. I couldn't recognize the rest of them though, sorry! They started out just dancing normally, then threw dance moves back and forth at each other. At the end Fujigaya said something to his juniors and they made the Za ABC star, to which Kitayama pulled one junior in and hugged him. I wish I remembered who it was.
The intro to Strawberry Dance was played, the disco balls on each side of the arena started turning, and they began singing it just the two of them, but were soon joined by all the other members. It did have a choreography, but they walked around more than they danced to it. They finished it at the main stage, then everything turned dark, and when it lit up again they had formed the Kis-my-pole, for KISS YOUR MIND. They danced it according to the choreography.

MC time, they started off talking about the stuff everyone drinks. Some have Pocari, some have Pocari mixed with water, some have only water etc.
Ki: "Gaya, what are you drinking?"
F: "Secret!" -disappointed sounds- "Well, I'm not the kind of guy that tells everything straight away."
M: "In my bottle, I've got pocari and water and some salt in it!"
T: "No one asked you!"
(...at least I think it was Tama. Or possibly Nika.)
They then went on to talking about what they are doing at the moment, dramas and TV etc, and then got onto the topic of Miyata's butai. In yesterday's Nikkan sports, there was an article about Miyata, so Kitayama had decided to bring it.
M: "Don't bring things like that on your own accord!"
Ki: "First of all, this picture..." He held it up so the cameras could zoom in on it.
M: "Actually, I laughed when I saw it, too."
They talked about the whole thing in general, then a few of the member started reading the article.
"My era has come." (俺の時代)
M: "Stop reading it in front of everyone!!"

After teasing him for a while they continued with the TV topics, the CMs, how Miyata was bad at the passes for the DHC commercial. Then asked if BUSAIKU is aired in Kansai as well, and the whole topic of course went on to the Busaiku corner. The topic for the show I went to was "A cool propose kiss". Miyata was the MC for the corner, and Yasui and Hagiya were judging (with some help of all the fans). I'll write what I remember, I'll correct myself once I find reports from the fans that were actually writing stuff down :x
They used a white dressed mannequin called "Kisu Maiko" as the girl.

Tama was first up, complaining that he didn't have time to think. He went up to her, asked why she was looking so nervous. "You're all stiff! And your face looks pale as well." And then he took a "ring" out of his pocket, put on her finger, or tried to, "you're really nervous aren't you?", then asked her to marry him.
Senga stood beside Maiko, talked about how pretty the stars were. "I'll catch a star for you!", made an attempt to catch one, showed her the ring and asked her to marry him, laughing at the end. He got a "you watch too much drama" comment, at which he explained. Turned out what he had done was what Kato Shigeaki had answered when asked about how he wanted to propose.
Yokoo also stood beside Maiko, looked out at everyone and said "(I love you so much?) I'm going to say this in front of all my friends. Please marry me!" and kissed her. Fujigaya commented that "this is something parents probably wouldn't mind".
Kitayama started out with trying to move Maiko, almost making her fall, at which Miyata came rushing to rescue. Kitayama then made sure he wouldn't make her fall, and brought her down to the slant of the stage where he sat down and put her on her back between his legs, so they could watch the stars together. "Isn't the starry sky beautiful? It's very red, though." Everyone had turned on their penlights, they glow in red as default, so everyone clicked it once more and it all turned white. "Wow, that's beautiful, isn't it? Still a bit red at some places, though, but it doesn't matter does it." From there he went on to how they should get married and then bent down and kissed her from above. When he got up he had to move her back, which in itself was a problem. "Couldn't they have made this a little bit smaller?!?". Too tall.
Nika sat down a bit behind Maiko. "Maiko, don't be angry. I was wrong, okay? I know I shouldn't have done that. It was the last gyoza, and I took it without asking you, I'm sorry, okay?" He stood up and went to her side instead, said something along the lines of "but does it really matter that much because I want to be with you forever", I just don't remember exactly how I said it, haha.
Fujigaya didn't say anything, just silently put the ring on Maiko's finger, then said "Let's get married" and kissed her. Slightly deeper than everyone else had. And started pulling at her clothes. And then everyone stopped him, apologized to all the parents who went there with children, and Yasui and Hagiya put him at the top of the ranking.
Miyata started with laying Maiko down on the stage (while the rest of the members complained about how they could almost see up her skirt), and then backed off a bit. He then ran up to her, sat down by her side. "Maiko, don't leave me! No! I will love you forever!", put the ring on her finger and kissed her. Kitayama tried to ask him what on earth that was, and he answered with a "What, isn't that romantic?".
Ki: "First of all, don't kill your partner!"
M: "I didn't kill her! And I said I'd love her forever, even though she's dead, isn't that super romantic?!"
Miyata ended up last.

The ranking was, as far as I can remember;
1. Fujigaya
2. Tamamori
3. Kitayama
4. Yokoo
5. Nikaido
6. Senga
7. Miyata

Being last, Miyata had to do a batsu game. He had Hagiya bring him a water gun, started shooting at everyone, then finally at Kitayama, who didn't move at all, then said sorry, and declared Miyata had to do another skit. This time he went with Sailor Moon's "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" in Japanese.

They talked a bit to the guesting juniors, and one of them asked if it was okay if they did a SMAP medley. Which it of course was. So the juniors sang a couple of SMAP songs together with Kisumai! They sang BAN! BAN! Bakansu, Shake and Dynamite, and I might be missing something because I'm looking at a setlist for this one, medley songs are the hardest to remember.

The juniors left the middle stage, and they went on to sing My Resistance. They skipped the middle of it though, went straight onto the "oh oh" parts after the chorus. Then they got to Inori, in which they switched positions which each other on the middle stage, then went on to walk around the arena instead. Ended up at the main stage, where they got onto the moving screens, where they sang Tell me why. I think Kitayama was the only one to not go on a screen, as he after a while disappeared.

When the song ended, they all left, and words started flashing by, while a robot voice said the words. "Miss you", "give me", "love", along the lines of that, kind of chaotic though. Kitayama came out and started performing Give me.... Half way through it he left the stage, and on the screens a VTR started playing. It showed Kitayama rushing through hallways, then out of the arena, past a man sitting by the street, fortune teller style. He stopped and went back, and asked the man if there was a flower shop around here. He didn't get an answer, and although it was super obvious that the man was Yokoo, he just sighed a "not Japanese, I guess". At which Yokoo answered "I'm Japanese", and then said a lot of stuff I honestly had a hard time catching. Anyway, it ended with Kitayama keeping on running. The running scenes were really dramatic, focused on his eyes and how he was rushing, and then it stopped when he got to a flower shop. It looked like the shop owner wasn't there, but just as he pointed that out, the shop manager (Miyata) showed up. Kitayama kept asking for roses, and Miyata gave him nonsensical things such as a barbie doll, so Kitayama just took a couple of roses, gave him the money and told him to keep the change. Super happy Miyata. Then finally, Kitayama came back out, this time in the middle of the arena seats, holding a huge bouquet of flowers. He pretended to be looking for the one to give them to, looked back and forth, then all of a sudden said he'd give flowers to everyone, and it turned out the bouquet was actually one of those confetti guns they sometimes use. Then he went back on stage and finished the song.
The clothes he wore for the solo looked really adult, by the way. I think he wore a beige-ish suit, except the jacket was white? Looked good, anyway.
According to live reports, the movie differed from the previous day's show?

Next up was SMY2 with Chance Chance Baybee. They started out on the carts (is that even correct? the ones that are pushed around by staff), declaring that today was the first drive date with their girlfriends! Performed on skates, wearing bright colors, prettier than last years outfits, heh. Towards the end of the song they disappeared, and two of the moving screens displayed an animation of the four of them getting into the same car, ending up fighting, and driving out from the garage without opening the doors. The screens split, and from behind came the four of them, connected like a car with, well, one fourth of a car around their waists (similar to NEWS for Let's go to the planets on their tour last year). They went down the stage like that, split after a while, skated around by themselves and then got together again for the end.

For Catch Love they wore the color-changing skates! It was great to see them perform with them! I think it was in the end of that one they skated a couple of smaller ramps. No one fell! Tama just almost did.
After that it was Unmei Girl, for which they put on big white coats, that looked more like raincoats than anything, but when the light in the arena was turned off, it turned out that the coats were lined with glowing lines, and it looked really good. No one tripped. They performed it on the middle stage, which at the end came up and they went onto the parts that were hanging from the roof instead than coming up from the floor. There their coats turned from red to blue, and they sang Mother Moon, SMY2 sitting down on the lower parts while KiFT stood in the middle.
Ballad and everything, not that much special happened, but when it was over ETERNAL MIND started playing, and it was fantastic. The "yes we gotta go" part was great. Well, the rap part in general was.

The following song was Wakamonotachi, for which they waved flags as they skated around the arena. It was followed by JET! SET!! GO!!!, and they ended the concert with SHE! HER! HER!. Everyone danced along!

For the encore, they sang S.O.S, then Sennen no Love song, talked a little bit, called the names of the juniors, and then left the stage again.

The last encore was Tension, and it was great! I'm so glad they played a couple of pre-debut songs, not just brand new ones. ♪
For this they came out wearing tour tshirts, all with individual designs. Some of them had extra things written on the backsides (that I couldn't read), some had design differences. Kitayama had the same cut sleeves as last year and wore a white cap, Senga had something written, I think, Miyata also had something written and wore the tour goods cap as well. Yokoo had his name and number 16 written on the back of his tshirt, baseball style, Fujigaya had a boatneck cut, Tama only had something written I think, and Nika had his made into a tank top.

[Setlist]1. Kis-My-Calling!!

2. Everybody go
4. アイノビート
5. Shake It Up
6. We never give up
7. smile
8. 2nd" Overture
9. Black&White
10. xLunaSx
11. Forza!
12. Strawberry Dance
14. キ・ス・ウ・マ・イ
MC + キスブサコーナー
15. SMAPメドレー
16. My Resistance
17. 祈り
18. Tell me why
19. Give me...
20. Chance Chance Baybee
21. Catch Love
22. 運命Girl
23. Mother moon
25. 若者たち
26. JET! SET!! GO!!!
27. SHE! HER! HER!
1. S.O.S
2. 千年のlove song

1. テンション

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  • Scans directory

    Scans for dl! Mostly Kisumai, but not only. You can use them as you want, there is no need to credit me unless you want to. Just don't claim them…

  • STRANGE FRUIT stage report (2013.05.16)

    I went and saw STRANGE FRUIT about a week ago, and thought I'd write a bit about it. I wouldn't call it report, more like... a review? A…

  • This is a list ♥

    of idol things I've been to. If it's f-locked, then it's not a report, just flailing. ARASHI LIVE TOUR Popcorn 東京ドーム 2012.12.14 嵐…